Wednesday, December 30, 2009

out with the old...

and in with the new...

i've been away from my blog for a loooong time.
spending time with my family, getting ready for and enjoying the holidays, wrapping up my first experience with a student teacher...
i have just been busy.

so much happened this year...good and bad.
i plan to a "year-in-review" post...just as soon as i find a little time to edit and upload some pics.

but, for now, a list of what i'm looking forward to in 2010...{i've never really been one for formal "resolutions"}

in 2010, i am looking forward to:

*being in love with my husband
*lots of family time
*watching my girlies grow up
*hours and hours of creativity & craftiness
*getting {& keeping} the house in order
*being more active & making some healthy changes
*being more positive
*lots of ladies nights, game nights, cookouts, and bonfires
*learning about my camera & new lens
*taking thousands of pictures