Tuesday, November 27, 2007

update #2...

another update...

i had an MRI on november 20th...and it totally sucked!!! {that's a whole other post that i don't have time for right now}

talked to the surgeon's office yesterday, and was told the MRI didn't really show anything

but...the surgeon is still concerned because SOMETHING showed up on the ultrasound, so i am going monday (dec 3) to have an ultra-sound guided biopsy(which, by the way, i was totally cool with until the lady explained they would have to take 4 or 5 tissue samples! my poor boob!)

i am relieved that the surgeon is being proactive, and didn't take the "i told you so" approach...

but i'm going totally nuts that this is taking forever!

slacker alert...

i know, i know, i know!

i am a total slacker!

here's a quick 10 update:

1. thanksgiving was nice...calm, quiet...completely out of the ordinary for my family!

2. jaden's had the flu twice this month {once being tonight...ick!}

3. totally thrilled project runway is back on...yay!!!

4. i love, love, love karen russell and her

5. went way simple with the christmas decorations this year...only the tree {minus ornaments, thanks to a fiesty 2 year old} and a small shelf of my favorite vintage santas

6. really tired of this booby mess dragging out to eternity

7. lovin my little
etsy shop

8. ashlyn has learned how to throw a fabulous tantrum

9. tried to go the homemade route for most of my gifts...then reality set it

10. totally hooked on christmas music...{i've been listening to it for 3 weeks!}

11. i finally figured out the link code! yay for me!

...so my 10 turned into 11...sue me!

Friday, November 9, 2007


project runway starts wednesday!

i'm giddy!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


jaden wanted to be a "fancy girl" for halloween
(i saw the idea in a martha stewart magazine, and bought most of the pieces to their outfits at goodwill...all in all, i think i spent $10!)

i worked on the costumes and hair, my mom did the make-up, and the hamming for the camera? that was all the girls...totally unprovoked...honest!
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Friday, November 2, 2007

i'm floating...

i'm so excited!

karen russell (one of my absolute favorite designers) put a link to my etsy shop on her blog!
check it out: http://www.karenrussell.typepad.com/

so did one of my online friends... { www.michellejacquemet.blogspot.com }
thanks mj
! {and i did get your package...it totally made my day!}

...and, this little guy is now available in my
etsy shop...
{ www.twogirlzstuff.etsy.com }
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**i'm apparently totally inept at creating links...i've been told how to do it, it shows up as a link, but you click on it, the page can't come up...
any suggestions??**

Thursday, November 1, 2007

hurry up and wait...

booby update...

...i met with a surgeon on tuesday (10/30)
...didn't like him at all {he kind of made me feel like i was wasting his time}

he made a comment while looking over my charts that "there's definitely something there" {i assume based on the ultrasound}then, he fondled me a while, and said that he didn't think i had anything there!

so frustrating!
how can it show up on the ultrasound, and be enough that he would comment about it, and then he tells me it's nothing?!?!?

i tried to explain to him that you really have to "push" to find it {my boobies are rather "ample", so you have to do some searching}, but he was trying to be gentle

he said he wanted me to get an MRI {which i hear is a "blast"...}, and then we'll "see what we have to work with"

...so, now i'm WAITING to schedule an MRI, so that i can WAIT some more to find out what it shows so i can WAIT some more to find out if it will be removed so i can WAIT some more to find out if it really is anything to worry about!

my mom, my aunt, and my friends all think i need to get a second opinion...
my gut tells me i need to get the flippin thing out, no matter what it is!

my booby drama...

okay...i've known about this for a while, and talked to all of the most important people about it, so i kind of feel like i can post it without anyone feeling like i didn't tell them first

i want it recorded somewhere that i can always refer back to and recall exactly what happened and when...

from oct. 18:

a couple months back, i felt lump in my left breast...(hard to describe it as a lump, 'cus it really feels long and skinny...kind of like i swallowed a tootsie roll that ended up in the wrong place)

...anyway, when i noticed it, i brought it up to my ob/gyn, and he said it was probably poly-cystic(?) breasts (common), and to watch it with my cycles

so i did, and it's still there, so i had him check it at my appointment last week (10/11), and he got a strange look on his face (not good, if you know my ob) and said he was going to schedule me for a breast ultrasound (and a mammogram if ness.)

...he didn't think it was anything (i'm only 29 and no history of BREAST cancer...OVARIAN cancer - YES, BREAST cancer - NO...in my family)...but he wanted to check it anyway

...so i had the ultrasound on monday and the nurse sent the images to the radiologist...he said he didn't think a mammogram would show anything due to my age (thank god, because i've heard mammograms hurt more the larger you are, and i've got some big boobies!)

my appt. was at 2:30, i got home at 3:30, and my ob/gyn called my at 4:15!

...he said i have a 1.3cm mass that is very rounded (usually a good sign...generally means benign (sp?)...) and that we had 2 courses of action...

1. i could have it removed
2. we could wait 6 months to track it

...and my ob said "i want it out!"so i have a consult with the surgeon on the 30th, and i'm going crazy waiting until then...