Thursday, November 1, 2007

my booby drama...

okay...i've known about this for a while, and talked to all of the most important people about it, so i kind of feel like i can post it without anyone feeling like i didn't tell them first

i want it recorded somewhere that i can always refer back to and recall exactly what happened and when...

from oct. 18:

a couple months back, i felt lump in my left breast...(hard to describe it as a lump, 'cus it really feels long and skinny...kind of like i swallowed a tootsie roll that ended up in the wrong place)

...anyway, when i noticed it, i brought it up to my ob/gyn, and he said it was probably poly-cystic(?) breasts (common), and to watch it with my cycles

so i did, and it's still there, so i had him check it at my appointment last week (10/11), and he got a strange look on his face (not good, if you know my ob) and said he was going to schedule me for a breast ultrasound (and a mammogram if ness.)

...he didn't think it was anything (i'm only 29 and no history of BREAST cancer...OVARIAN cancer - YES, BREAST cancer - my family)...but he wanted to check it anyway i had the ultrasound on monday and the nurse sent the images to the radiologist...he said he didn't think a mammogram would show anything due to my age (thank god, because i've heard mammograms hurt more the larger you are, and i've got some big boobies!)

my appt. was at 2:30, i got home at 3:30, and my ob/gyn called my at 4:15!

...he said i have a 1.3cm mass that is very rounded (usually a good sign...generally means benign (sp?)...) and that we had 2 courses of action...

1. i could have it removed
2. we could wait 6 months to track it

...and my ob said "i want it out!"so i have a consult with the surgeon on the 30th, and i'm going crazy waiting until then...

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Michelle said...

You are in my prayers. Did you get a package from me yet?