Thursday, December 27, 2007

well of course...

i didn't get a second to post pics!
they're coming...i promise!

along with photos of jaden's "girls' day" that her FABULOUS aunt sarah got her for christmas!

i hope everyone had a WONDERFUL christmas...we did!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

oh my...

it's getting awful close to christmas!

tried to do a small impromptu "photo shoot" of the girls in their christmas dresses tonight...

it's a wonder i didn't pull all of my hair out!

...hopefully, i'll get a sec to post some of the pics tomorrow!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

my mojo...

here's my scrapmojo layout...

i'm a little irritated that it didn't photograph right {all the lines are actually makes a square}, but i was soooo tired when i took the pics, i guess i wasn't in the mood to be picky!
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thanks, again, MARIE for inviting me to be your guest designer!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

my daughter...

is an artist!

look at these adorable pictures she drew for me!
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aren't they fabulous!

we're going to use them as our christmas cards
...and, i'm kind of thinking about selling some in my etsy shop, and putting the proceeds into jaden's piggy bank so she can shop for her daddy and ashlyn

what do you think?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like...


this post is much more positive than the last post...

okay...jackson and i have our own little "tradition"
when the buckeyes play michigan {usually the weekend before thanksgiving}, the outcome determines when we put up our decorations...
if they buckeyes win, we get to decorate that weekend...if not {god forbid}...i get to watch jackson pout and we have to wait until the following weekend to decorate...

i know i posted in my quick 10 update that christmas was very simple this year...
this is just how simple

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{notice that there are no ornaments...thanks ashlyn!}

and...on another good note...
my good {online} friends created their own scrapbook challenge website called ScrapMojo, and i was picked to be their guest designer for december!

update #3...




my life totally sucks!

i know i should be totally relieved, but i prepared myself for a week for this biposy...
i psyched myself out so i wouldn't be terrified...i got mad at jackson because he didn't volunteer to go with me...i took a day off work...

i get there, the tech does the ultrasound, and says, "i don't think there's anything there...let me show this to the radiologist and see what he thinks..." {keep in mind that i TOLD her it was easier to find/feel when i was sitting up, yet she did the ultrasound laying down}

so...30 minutes later, the radiologist comes in, and looks at the ultrasound
he thinks it's nothing...

so i went home and bawled...for a long time

i know i should be thankful {and i am}, and relieved {and i am}, but i was soooo frustrated!

i feel like i was totally dismissed...all i kept hearing was "at your age...well, you're so young...IT'S NOTHING!"

i've never been convinced that it's cancer or that i'm dying...but i KNOW it's not nothing, and i just want someone to tell me WHAT IT IS!!!!