Thursday, November 1, 2007

hurry up and wait...

booby update...

...i met with a surgeon on tuesday (10/30)
...didn't like him at all {he kind of made me feel like i was wasting his time}

he made a comment while looking over my charts that "there's definitely something there" {i assume based on the ultrasound}then, he fondled me a while, and said that he didn't think i had anything there!

so frustrating!
how can it show up on the ultrasound, and be enough that he would comment about it, and then he tells me it's nothing?!?!?

i tried to explain to him that you really have to "push" to find it {my boobies are rather "ample", so you have to do some searching}, but he was trying to be gentle

he said he wanted me to get an MRI {which i hear is a "blast"...}, and then we'll "see what we have to work with", now i'm WAITING to schedule an MRI, so that i can WAIT some more to find out what it shows so i can WAIT some more to find out if it will be removed so i can WAIT some more to find out if it really is anything to worry about!

my mom, my aunt, and my friends all think i need to get a second opinion...
my gut tells me i need to get the flippin thing out, no matter what it is!


Michelle said...

Go with your instincts. Your family has the same reaction I do. I don't like the sound of this guy. I hope things go speedier for you!

Marie said...

:( I agree go with ur gut! I hope things go fast and painless!!! xoxoxo