Tuesday, November 27, 2007

slacker alert...

i know, i know, i know!

i am a total slacker!

here's a quick 10 update:

1. thanksgiving was nice...calm, quiet...completely out of the ordinary for my family!

2. jaden's had the flu twice this month {once being tonight...ick!}

3. totally thrilled project runway is back on...yay!!!

4. i love, love, love karen russell and her

5. went way simple with the christmas decorations this year...only the tree {minus ornaments, thanks to a fiesty 2 year old} and a small shelf of my favorite vintage santas

6. really tired of this booby mess dragging out to eternity

7. lovin my little
etsy shop

8. ashlyn has learned how to throw a fabulous tantrum

9. tried to go the homemade route for most of my gifts...then reality set it

10. totally hooked on christmas music...{i've been listening to it for 3 weeks!}

11. i finally figured out the link code! yay for me!

...so my 10 turned into 11...sue me!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Sorry about the flu and tantrums. Yay about the links and your etsy shop!