Sunday, July 29, 2007

this is new...

welcome to my blog...

so, i've never done this before, and i wanted to give it a shot! i follow a couple blogs, and i love that they will have a record of their lives to look back on...

hopefully, i will be good about keeping it up!

a little about me~

i'm a mom to two adorable girls, jaden and ashlyn
i'm a wife to jackson
i'm a 2nd grade teacher
...and, in my "free time" (har-har, like i have any of that), i am totally addicted to scrappin!

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Michelle B said...

hey Aja -

great layout for unpubbed! I use to know a great gal named Aja...haven't met another Aja since then. You would happen to be Aja that worked at Camp Foster in Okoboji Iowa would you be?
visit my blog at
Michelle {Coacher} Bostinelos