Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i'm totally...

in a funk...

my depression seems to be back with a vengance

nothing seems to be going right lately...
{ever have the feeling that, at least for the moment, you're not in the right life? like, is this really what i'm supposed to be doing??)

stuff on the homefront is rather rough right sucks!

my job? not fabulous...not really horrible...somewhere in between

oh, and the family?...
well, jaden got mad last night because i told her to go back and brush her teeth again (i could still tell what she had for dinner...YUCK!)

she said, "YOU'RE MEAN!"


without hesitation,

i said,


1 comment:

Marie said...

OMG aja im in the same boat as you girlie! My tooth is killin me and i have no ins....Ronnie and i are just having trouble with the marriage cert agh! Girl u are not alone! I hope it gets better for you real soon!!!!!