Monday, October 8, 2007

ashlyn right now...

1. loves grapes ...and "myilk" {milk}...and "roni cheese" {macaroni & cheese}...and "fruit nacks" {fruit snacks}...and hot dogs...and...
well, the girl loves food

2. stops and says "can i jump?" everytime she steps out of the bathroom and into the hallway {it goes from tile to wood, so she thinks it's too different to step over}

3. is affectionately referred to as "monkey"...see picture below

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4. is easily entertained with the most mundane things...{she spent well over an hour playing in these rocks}
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5. {see no. 4}
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6. can't {or should I say chooses not to} eat yogurt or mashed potatoes without smearing it all over her arms and face...{and usually squishing it between her fingers - can't wait til the girl visits a beach for the first time and can squish the sand bewteen her toes}

7. loves her sister more than anything, even though she can't be around her without screaming

8. would live outside if she was allowed

9. gets more excited about baths than anything else...{aside from food...}

10. is hopelessly in love with "pink", her favorite, grungy, well-worn, don't-know-how-we'll-cope-if-he's-ever-lost-or-destroyed stuffed elephant
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