Sunday, February 10, 2008

she is...

growing up...

and i'm getting old and sappy!

friday, she jumped off the bus and was running to the house when she stopped dead in the middle of the yard...
i'm standing on the porch freezing, and i hollered at her to move it!

her eyes get about as big as quarters and she shouts:

"oh my god! i have my first wiggly tooth!"
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she can't be old enough for that already, right!??!?!?

so, later, to her amazement, she discovered that she had not one, but two "wiggly tooths"

then, we had to practice writing sentences for her homework, and this is what she wrote:
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{translation: "i have two loose 'tooths'. they are tiny."}


Marie said...

Oh my how adorable! Love her sentence!

Michelle said...

So sweet!