Monday, June 23, 2008


holy crapola, batman!

i just received an order from the fab
Christy Tomlinson...
she's the owner of
Scarlet Lime which is a totally fab kit club.

now, when i say order, i mean ORDER...

we're talking 1,000 sets of labels...which actually equals 9,000 labels!
she plans to include them in her august kit.

so, if i know you and you own a pair of scissors, be very wary when your phone rings. heehee!


Danielle said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting... you'll be busy:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always get excited when someone new stops by, lol:-) I adore your Etsy shop, I assure you, you'll see me buying somethings... not for a little bit though, Etsy takes a lot of my money & I have to save some of what I make, lol!!


Michelle said...

Wow, that's fabulous!