Wednesday, November 5, 2008

did you know...

that my 6 year-old is a democrat?
when i walked in the door monday afternoon, i was ambushed by jaden...

her: "mommy! do you remember who you're going to vote for?"
me {pretending not to know}: "ummm..."
her: "Obama, mommy! you have to vote for Obama!" {pause...gasp}
"you didn't forget to vote did you?!?!?"
me: "no, dude. that's tomorrow."

***the rest of the evening was more political campaigning from my 1st grader. i'm telling you, she should have been his campaign advisor!***

tuesday morning, we were getting ready for school and work, and jackson was trying to motivate jaden to get up. he had planned to take her with him to the polls because she was so excited about all that was going on.

jackson: "dude! get up! we have to go vote!"
her: "yeah, daddy, for John McCain"
"aaahh! just kidding!"

okay, seriously? how does my 6 year old know how to joke about a presidential candidate?
so, tuesday night, we were on our way to dinner. jackson and i were thinking we have this profoundly brilliant, beyond her age, gifted 6 year-old. the topic of Obama came up and i asked her why she liked him so much.

her answer?

"well mommy, some lady called and asked me to please vote for Barack Obama. i told her i would, but she just kept talking."


Michelle said...

That's just hilarious! Thanks for sharing such gems!

Kristi said...

Nice Aja, I love it. Kids, you never know what they're going to say!

Sarah said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy I left a comment..are you excited!?!?!?! NOW POST SOMETHING NEWWWWW!!

Marie said...

ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! that is soo funny!! Love it!