Sunday, March 7, 2010

right now

this one: Photobucket

* loves to dress up (i can't get the child to wear jeans or a plain top for more than 5 minutes)
* is still attached to "pink"
* has quite the temper (like head-spinning, green-puke spitting kind of temper)
* is smart beyond her 4 years
* loves to draw, write, cut, color, and do just about anything artsy
* really does give some fantastic hugs and snuggles (you know, when she's not possessed)

and this one: Photobucket

* is a total tech geek...ipods, laptops, dsi' name it and she's on it. ALL. DAY. LONG.
* loves music
* enjoys the fact that she's old enough to earn an allowance (although she's not thrilled about what she has to do to earn it)
* is undeniably a daddy's girl
* would rather be outside than in
* has the best smile and will do anything to help you (even if she doesn't get an allowance for it)

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Michelle said...

So very sweet! Love your photos and lists!