Monday, May 10, 2010

thanks mom...

i spent mother's day at home with jackson and monkey. (jaden was out birthday shopping with her papaw)

we worked on the yard, played a little, had lunch, and relaxed.

it was very nice.

i didn't get to see my sister kidnapped her and took her shopping for the day.

so mom, i hope you're reading this. (i know you secretly stalk my blog, even if you don't leave comments.)

thank you.
for teaching me right from wrong.
the easy way and the hard way. who can learn if everything's too easy?
thank you for showing me the value of education, hard work, and family.
whether directly, or indirectly, you've shaped me into the person i am today.
without you, i wouldn't be a teacher, a wife, or a mother.
simply put, i wouldn't be me.

happy mother's day.

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