Sunday, July 10, 2011


is important.
incredibly so.

this past thursday, 3 of my cousins were involved in a car accident.
2 of them were taken to the hospital by ambulance and later treated and released.

one was care-flighted from the scene and remains in the hospital.
the first couple days were scary. we gathered in his room and the waiting room. sharing hugs and prayers. holding his hand. talking to him. encouraging him to wake up.
yesterday, he did just that.
he is now awake and alert...and extremely exhausted.
and we are thankful.

the shot above was a total fluke. i pulled my phone out in the room and it snapped a picture. it wasn't even my intention to take a picture. i was only going to text an update to my sister. i didn't think i had actually captured anything...i mean i looked in my album and nothing showed up. as i looked again later, this image popped up...

and took my breath away.

i think it perfectly captures the importance of family and their love for each other.

***eta: he is being released from the hospital today! so thankful.***

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