Wednesday, August 10, 2011

king's island!

(warning...lots and lots of pictures!)

we surprised the girls with a trip to king's island.
we left early monday morning and told the girls we were going in to work on my classroom. we actually stopped at school and dropped off a bunch of stuff, but then we grabbed breakfast and jumped on the highway. the girls wanted to know where we were going, so i might have lied and told them a school supply store.

as we got closer, ashlyn decided to play nintendo ds under her towel since the sun was in her eyes. we "coerced" jaden to do the same thing so we could pull off the ultimate surprise.
they didn't know what was really going on until we pulled into the parking lot.

we're here!!!

dinosaurs alive. while the dinos were kinda cool, i would NEVER pay to see it again. nor would i recommend it to anyone. unfortunately, the dinos move on timers, so you don't see most of them move, and the interactive boxes didn't work. did make for some fun photo ops!

i'm not much of a rider, so i did a lot of bag-holding and picture-taking.

all she did was drive. in. circles. that's. all. she. did.

oh look...i was actually there! see? i have proof!

hanging out in "kiddieland"...i have no idea what it's actually called because it's changed names so many times.

jackson paid ashlyn $5 to ride this. it worked...and she loved it!!!

face-painting. i might have been a little more excited about this than the girls were.

in honor of breast cancer, the "eiffel tower" was lit in pink. loved it!
we opened and closed the park. 10am to 10pm. i thought my feet were going to fall off.
but, doing something like that with my family was totally worth it!


Kari at A Grace Full Life said...

I grew up in Ohio but we lived north of Columbus so we always went to Cedar Point. These pics were gorgeous! How do you make them look almost vintage-like? Also, may I ask what the name of your font is? I love it!!

aja said...

Thank you! I'll have to look up the font The pics are from my "Instagram" app on my iPhone. You snap a picture and it gives you several editing "finishes" to choose from.