Sunday, January 1, 2012

it's a new year...

that can only mean one thing...resolutions.

when i look back at 2011 (seems like it was only yesterday), i can confidently say that i sucked at adhering to my resolutions. hahahaha!

i debated whether i should even bother to write new ones.
i kinda feel like i need to.

maybe because i want this year to be a great one.
maybe because i feel like i should.
maybe because i'm a list person (i've been known to make lists of the lists i need to make), and putting things on paper, so to speak, will help them be realized.
maybe because, in reflecting on what i didn't do last year, i'm more determined than ever to make sure i do it this year.

i know that i'm really good at starting things. i'm an excellent planner. it's the follow-through that i seem to have difficulty with. (just ask my sister.)

i have goals for myself this year. i think that, in order to accomplish them, i need them to be general...have some leniency.
i don't want to limit myself to certain things or box myself into a set number of things, dates, etc.

so, without further ado, my resolutions (goals) for 2012:

*restart my fat girl blog (and the healthy changes that go along with it. we cleared all of our weaknesses out of the house today. no ice cream!?!? i'm gonna be one cranky girl)

*enjoy more of the now (and worry less about everything that's coming up/has to be done)

*make an effort to capture more moments (and worry less about capturing perfect pictures)

*participate in project life (this will help me track all of those little, every day things that make us who we are)

*scrap more (i'd like to say one page a week, but i feel like i'm boxing myself into a corner of failure by setting a specific goal)

*make more (i'm a craft supply hoarder...time to put some of it to good use)

*take a vacation (like one where we actually leave our state)

*complete at least one major home project (attic insulation? clean and organized basement? crown molding in the living room?)

overall, i hope to improve myself.
be happier.
be healthier.
enjoy my life as it's happening and not stress about what's yet to come.

here's hoping that 2012 will bring you all that you want and hope for.

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Janna said...

I found you from Stephanie Howell's blog - YES YOU NEED TO REOPEN SHOP;) I just had to comment on this post cuz WOW! I could have written this! every single one of them! Just ask my sister;)