Thursday, November 8, 2012

in the past six months...

someone turned 10 and had a carnival birthday party

we took a trip to canton and visited candy apple's...i love my family.

we took our 2nd family florida.

where we surprised the girls with a visit to disney...

then we extended our pigeon forge, tennessee
here we met up with a group of our best friends and their families.

where we risked our lives on the "ski lift"...and counted the number of lost flip flops to distract ourselves from the heights.

after settling in back home, we endured a CRAZY hail storm...

i got to play with 3 month old twins.

we made it to a couple of red's games and spent several days setting up my new classroom.

someone got pink streaks in her hair...

for her 7th birthday which was, of course, a pink theme.

i made it to my first ever in person buckeye's game.

got my hair chopped.

rallied with my community to try to pass a desperately needed levy (which didn't pass, and now we're all devastated)

made time to hang out with my sister and some of my best friends (no, we didn't intend to look like the cast of hocus pocus)

we hosted our 7th annual haywood hayride.  where we are notorious for picking out pumpkins that we forget to carve.

and, of course, there was some trick-or-treating.


sbookinshay29 said...

LOVE allll the pics, seriously. you have such great photo skills, I'm still dying to have you take some of me & Caleb ;] && an annual hayride? HOW freaken amazing! great to see you blogging again! xoxo

aja said...

hahaha...thanks girlie!
and we'll definitely set something up soon! let me know what works for you.