Thursday, September 13, 2007

i've been tagged...

thanks a lot, michelle! lol!

apparently, i am supposed to write 6 interesting things about myself...
here goes...

i am:
1. a true crafter at heart...everything from scrappin (YAY!) to sculpting santas and faeries
2. TOTALLY addicted to reality tv! (i'm having withdrawl from project runway)
3. always unsure of myself...(even though i try to portray myself as confident, funny, yadda, yadda, yadda)
4. in love with kid/disney absolute fave is Wizard of Oz
5. sneaky...i wait until jaden goes to bed to play with her littlest pet shop toys (mwaahahahaha!)
6. still in love with my hubby after nearly 13 years!

i'll have to think about who i'll be tagging better watch out! (wink, wink)


Michelle said...

Thanks Aja! I learned a few new things tonight. And I love Littlest Pet Shop! I used to have a ton of those when I was younger.

Marie said...

hahahaha how cute! I love the littlest pet shop! ;)