Sunday, April 20, 2008


am i behind on posting or what??

lots going on...and i promise to come back later and fill in with pics!

1. jaden won a coloring contest and earned a party at the fire station in vandalia...
she got to invite 10 friends and they got to spray the hose and actually ride on a fire truck!

2. been working outside a lot...i have the flower bug, apparently...(this is funny if you know me, becaue i don't generally consider myself to have a green thumb, but i'm working on it)

3. i have been avoiding "spring cleaning" like the plague...ugh!

4. jackson and our fabulous neighbor mike put in some new the girls can finally enjoy some fresh air in their room

5. big plans to FINALLY finish the kitchen...yay!

6. ashlyn got into some of my lace, and turned it into a "dress"...(you really have to see the pics to appreciate this one!)

7. went to OSU's spring game started raining pretty much the minute we got there, and stopped pretty much the minute we left...but it was still really cool!

8. jaden lost her second tooth...luckily, she didn't swallow this one

9. more gardening...jackson's thrilled, let me tell!

10. i am CRAZY busy with my etsy shop...i have been filling some bulk orders for some fabulous kit clubs...(i'll add links later)


Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful busy! Yay for being in kits! CAn't wait to see photos.

Marie said...

WOw lady you are soooo busy!! Sounds like such fun! congrats on the freakin kits!!! Check my blog too! Its just your month or year or something!

Kristi said...

Can't wait to see the follow up pics!