Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i need...

to stop and take a breath...

i'm overwhelmed, exhausted, fed-up, and on the verge of a break down.
it's just too much...everything is too much.

i have too much to do and not enough time to do it.
i have a job that i'm not sure i can keep doing.
i have a daughter who i am hoping and praying will grow out of her defiant behavior...and she's only 6!
i have fears that i can't really voice to anyone because i don't know how to put them in words.
i have a husband i am trying not to drive away.
i am tired of having the same arguments.
i am constantly...and i mean pain.

i am ready to throw in the towel.

i wish with all my heart that i could focus on everything that is good right now...this time of year, this season.

but i just can't.

{f.y.i....just putting that in words helps some. i just need some time...}


ROBIN said...

I just happen to come across your shop. which led me to your your blog. Take a deep breath, it will get better, i promise! As the mother of 3 boys, when they were young, my mantra was "this too shall pass". I just wish I had gone to the doctor for the little "happy pill" that I now take. I probably could have enjoyed my children more.

It's easy for me to say, because I'm not in your shoes. But just do what you can and the rest can wait.

I love your stuff on etsy :-)

Kristi said...

Virtual huggers!