Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i'm gonna be...

m.i.a. this weekend.

no need for a search party or a missing person's report.
i'll actually be in my basement.
all weekend.

i will just be unavailable. my family will have to pretend i've gone away or been committed or fallen through a crack in the earth. they'll just have to live without me for a few days.

i am in the "spring-is-coming-and-everything-needs-to-be-fresh-and-clean-and-organized" state of mind. and i need to start downstairs.

i need to purge and organize and clean so that i can finish projects that i started forever ago and start new ones that i probably won't get finished.

i may occasionally come up for air, and meals (since i don't think the pizza guy will deliver to my spare room), and maybe a round or 2 of rock band...but that's it!

ETA: had it's own plans, and they didn't coincide with mine.
looks like i have to reschedule my disappearing act to NEXT weekend...ugh!


Elizabeth said...

I wish I had your drive and organizational can tell you are a teacher! Have fun!

Michelle said...

Very exciting! Have fun!