Sunday, September 5, 2010

checking in...

well, since my last post, some things have improved and some have stayed the same.
i'm in an okay place now, and i'm letting things work themselves out.
i have too many other things to focus on right now.

my baby started kindergarten (pictures coming soon). i took the day off so i could take her in and do the obligatory pictures. jackson and i were pretty worried she'd be nervous/scared because she refused to talk to anyone at her kindergarten prep program. but we were first in line and the monk got to hold the principal's hand on the way down to her room...and she thought that was pretty cool!

i sent her into her room and peeked in to snap a couple more pics and tell her bye. i was worried i'd see nerves...or worse, tears. but no. i looked in, our eyes met, and she grinned ear to ear! i was so happy.

i left her room and started to head to the car. i was proud of myself because i was a sniveling mess when jaden started school. then, it happened. i locked eyes with another mom from the neighboring class, and she was welling up. that was all it took. i cried all the way out to my car and then all the way home. figures.

on a super happy note, we celebrated tracy's victory over breast cancer. if you don't remember, she's my daycare mom and was diagnosed in january of 2009. she has officially completed all of her treatments, her final surgery is coming up, and her last petscan showed she's 100% free and clear!!! her hubby threw her a surprise victory/40th bday party. (and i'll be posting some pics of that soon, too.)

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